Former K-Pop Managers Reveal Why They Sometimes Have To Be Strict About Fans Giving Gifts To Idols

They do it for a good reason!

K-Pop fans want to show love for their favorite idols in any way possible. This includes giving gifts to their favorite artists to show how much they care!

TWICE’s Tzuyu with fan’s gifts (She isn’t mentioned directly in the video)

However, sometimes, fans cannot always do this and find themselves stopped by the group’s security or managers. Former K-Pop managers Baek Kyung Jae and Nam Yoon Jae recently appeared in a new video on the AYO YouTube channel.

During the video, they discussed the different aspects of being a manager. In particular, they were asked why managers sometimes stop fans from giving gifts.

Baek Kyung Jae explained that when they are in that position where they need to make sure the idol’s safety is the priority, it can sometimes put them in a difficult situation.

Idols want to accept them because they’re from the fans who love them. But, if we don’t control things like that, there is chaos.

— Baek Kyung Jae

Although they want to allow fans to share their love with the idols, it is a matter of safety, and things in the past have made them more vigilant. In particular, Baek Kyung Jae described an experience an idol had which made them more aware.

It’s very hard to take care of the idol. But actually, there was a poison attack before via lunchboxes and food.

— Baek Kyung Jae

Yet, Nam Yoon Jae explained that this isn’t meant to categorize all fans as dangerous. For him, many are respectful and showcase their love within the boundaries to the idols and the managers.

They say, ‘Manager, you’re doing such hard work,’ and help us control the scene together. When we meet them, the work gets easier, and we are thankful for that.

— Baek Kyung Jae

Although sometimes fans might not like how managers act, it seems as if it is done for the idol’s safety. Yet, not all managers think negatively of fans, and they just want to co-operate with them! You can watch the whole video below.


Source: AYO and FI