Former K-Pop Managers Reveal Why The Relationship Between An Idol And Their Manager Is So Important

Managers play a key role in an idol’s life!

In a K-Pop idol’s life, aside from the fans, one of the most important people for them is their managers. For many, artists see their managers more than family because they’re the ones who handle their schedules, take them to appearances, and ensuring their well-being is looked after.

BTS’s Jin with their manager (they are not directly mentioned in the video)

Former K-Pop managers Baek Kyung Jae and Nam Yoon Jae recently appeared in a new video on the AYO YouTube channel. In the video, they answered some of the biggest questions about their roles from their routines, salary, and how they protect the idols.

One of the viewers asked them whether the way idols treat them can impact both the managers themselves and the artist’s careers.

Baek Kyung Jae explained that many managers don’t ask for much in return for all the hard work they do, but they sometimes like some appreciation.

If they are thankful, even for something small, I get to think, ‘I’m going to make them succeed no matter what.’ Managers promote them and make them a star, so it’s natural that they want them to succeed.

— Baek Kyung Jae

However, he also explained that it works the other way, particularly regarding idols who might not respect their managers.

For idols who treat managers like a slave, it’s hard to like them much.

— Baek Kyung Jae

Nam Yoon Jae agreed, adding that when idols treat them like managers, they can treat them like artists because there is some mutual respect between the two parties. Because of this, it’s even the smallest things idols can do for managers that make them feel appreciated.

If they’re thankful for small things, and greet us politely, then we want to treat them better because we’re human too.

— Baek Kyung Jae

Unfortunately, it is well known that not all managers and idols have good relationships with each other. It may not be the fault of one party alone but could impact both the idols and artists if it continues and becomes too toxic. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: AYO