Former LABOUM Member Yulhee Shares A Heartbreaking Story About Why She Cried In The Middle Of The Night

She hid from her husband.

On October 30, former LABOUM member Yulhee took to her personal YouTube channel Yulhee’s House to film a “Get Ready With Me Q&A”.

Still from “Yulhee’s House” | Youtube

In this video, she interacted with fans by answering their burning questions while she got ready for her day. It was during this segment that Yulhee shared a story that aligned with a fellow viewer’s fear. One subscriber shared that it’s scary to stay home with the kids by herself and Yulhee agreed with this statement.

| @yul._.hee/Instagram

Yulhee’s husband, F.T. Island‘s Minhwan has promotions overseas often which leaves Yulhee alone at home with their three children. She shared that when she first had her son, she didn’t go to a postpartum care center but rather stayed with her in-laws. However, because she missed her husband so much, she cried within two days of being at her in-laws.

She eventually returned home to raise her son with her husband. It was during this time she revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression. She recalls a memory where in the middle of the evening, without her husband knowing, she held her son and just started to cry.

| @yul._.hee/Instagram

Watch Yulhee’s “Get Ready With Me Q&A” video to hear more about her personal experiences with motherhood.

Source: Insight, Insight and MSN