Former NU’EST Member Aaron Picks The Best And Worst Stage Outfits He Ever Wore

The best and worst were drastic opposites.

Thanks to an episode of the KOREAN COWBOYS podcast, former K-Pop idol Aaron looked back on his days as NU’EST‘s Aron to share some of the best and worst stage outfits he ever wore.


The stage outfit that earned the title of being the worst is well-known among fans. NU’EST’s “Sleep Talking” outfits had so much going on that Aaron still couldn’t get over them.

I’m sure a lot of you guys probably know already, but our ‘Sleep Talking’ era. It was crazy. The colors were all mismatched. We were looking like rainbows dancing on stage. It was wild, guys.

— Aaron

Though “Sleep Talking” was refreshing and catchy, the outfits were undoubtedly chaotic. Even Hwang Minhyun joked about getting revenge on their CEO for making the members wear them.

JR, Ren, Hwang Minhyun, Baekho, and Aron. | NU’EST/YouTube
| NU’EST/YouTube

As for the best stage outfit, Aaron couldn’t help remembering NU’EST W‘s “Dejavu” promotions. That’s when the group’s styling became so flawless that he had no complaints.

I would definitely say I liked clothes from our ‘Dejavu’ era. Honestly, after that era, I liked all of my clothes. I thought every outfit was okay.

— Aaron

Rather than eye-catching bright colors, the members showed off their mature side with clean-cut suits and tailored looks.

| Pledis Entertainment

It may have taken their stylists years to get it right, but NU’EST shined with their upgraded style towards the end of their 10-year run.


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