Former PRISTIN Member Kyla Is Making Everyone UWU Over Her Artwork—And They Are Selling Out Fast

She also includes thoughtful gifts for the buyers.

Former PRISTIN member Kyla has been sharing her latest creative venture on SNS, and fans of the singer have been left amazed by her talents once again.

Source: kylam_official/Twitter

Her acrylic Winnie the Pooh and Friends painting sold for $86.00 (USD) on eBay.

Her next piece of art for sale was a Powerpuff Girls painting, which outsold the Pooh painting by $19 (USD).

Followed by this super adorable Jellybean With Legs piece.

Ever the generous queen, Kyle has been sending autographed gifts away along with her original artwork.

Kyla’s most recent art auction will allow the winning bidder to decide what she paints, and she will be adding the bonus of a PRISTIN SCHXXL OUT album signed by her!

While Kyla is undeniably a talented performer, her artwork is impressive as well (and her bonus gifts are very generous). Perhaps, someday, she’ll open her own gallery!