Former “Produce 101” Contestant Lee Hae In Reveals She Is Broke And Works Multiple Part-Time Jobs

She also talks about the voter fraud.

Former Produce 101 and Idol School contestant Lee Hae In sat down for an interview where she talked about her life and the struggles she’s faced as an idol.

Lee Hae In, who competed on the first season of the controversial Produce series sat down with Idol Olympics on YouTube. It was here that she revealed to viewers the harsh reality behind the closed doors of being an idol. When the host asked “but you were in the public eye so you have to have some money, right?” It was to this question that Lee Hae In started sharing her heartbreaking confessions.

I have zero money.

— Lee Hae In

She continued the topic by confessing that she needed to start working multiple jobs to make ends meet. 

If I didn’t work part-time jobs, I wouldn’t have been able to live.

— Lee Hae In

The host asked her, “what kind of jobs did you do then?”

I worked at a cafe,

— Lee Hae In

I worked part-time on set and also as a fitting model.

— Lee Hae In

The former Produce 101 contestant also briefly talks about the voter fraud controversy surrounding the series.

I think I would have been pretty upset if I had heard about it back then.

— Lee Hae In

While laughing, she coolly admits that voter fraud or not, it probably wouldn’t have changed much for her.

But it’s not like my name was on the list anyways so…

— Lee Hae In

On a happier note, Lee Hae In revealed that she did release a new single called “Santa Lullaby (We Used To Sing)”, which will be a part of her upcoming album. You can check out her song and the full interview, down below!


Source: Insight and Tistory