Former Produce X 101 Contestant Kim Mingyu Proves He’s A Pictorial Master With Latest Dazed Photoshoot

He is stunning.

During his time on Produce X 101, Kim Mingyu was known as one of the top visuals on the show. He continues to prove that his looks are top-tier with his latest pictorial with Dazed magazine.

In the photos, Kim Mingyu is seen rocking two sets of styles. One photo shows him wearing a large knit turtle neck and a hat. Many agree that the picture gives off a mysterious yet warm and pure vibe.

In another photo, Mingyu is seen sporting a t-shirt, jackets, and pants. With such unique pieces mixed and matched, he was able to show his soft charisma and free spirit.

The photo that shook everyone to the core, however, is Kim Mingyu’s close-up photo. There was no missing his big, bright eyes, dark eyebrows, and clear skin. With his trademark long eyelashes and expressive eyes, Kim Mingyu was able to achieve a sense of mystery while showing off his sparkling visuals.

During his interview with the magazine, Mingyu said,

I wanted to show a Kim Mingyu who can transform into many different concepts. It’s fun to challenge fashion pieces I am not familiar with.

Despite being his first photo shoot, he was able to pose perfectly, making fans look forward to more pictorials. You can see more of Kim Mingyu on the September issue of Dazed.

Source: Naver