Former After School Member Confesses That She Was Sexually Abused Multiple Times

Former After School member Yoo So Young revealed she was once sexually abused by an agency CEO.

She had met with the CEO to sign with his agency, then attended a party with agency staff to celebrate.

“I had a meeting with an agency CEO, and decided to sign with the agency.

The next day, he wanted to celebrate my joining the team, so we went out to drink (alcohol).”

— Yoo So Young

After the party ended, the CEO hailed a cab for her and escorted her home, but he did something that shocked her.

“When the party ended, he told me he’d take me home and we got into a cab, but then he held my hand.

I got off the taxi, thinking he’d let me go home by myself, but he got off too.

He said he wanted to talk a bit more with me, but I was scared so I suggested we go to a 24-hour fast food restaurant.

As soon as we sat down, he held my hand and never let go.”

— Yoo So Young

He then proceeded to tell her that he saw her as a woman and that he wouldn’t let her go until she accepted his feelings.

“He told me, ‘I see you as a woman. I like you.

I’m not going to let you go home until you say OK.’

It was an absolute nightmare to me.”

— Yoo So Young

The next day, however, the CEO claimed he didn’t remember anything and terminated her contract.

“He said, ‘I have no intention of signing you with this agency.

Let’s pretend the contract never happened’ and he asked me if anything else had happened after that.

He said he was so drunk he couldn’t remember anything.”

— Yoo So Young

What was even more shocking was that she revealed this happened to her several other times at other agencies.

Source: Dispatch