Former Superstar K Contestant Turned Into a Scam Artist on a Used Goods Website

He now scams online buyers for a living.

A YouTube reporter by the name of King of Journalist recently revealed that a former Superstar K contestant from Season 3 turned into a scam artist who tricks online buyers on a used goods website.

Reporter Kim claims that the once-popular contestant and aspiring singer, Choi Young Tae now posts items to sell on a used goods website, only to take the victims’ money and never give them the bought item.

Reporter Kim added that he has committed the scam too many times to count and that he continues to commit the scams to this day.

According to Reporter Kim, he “sells” items that he actually owns so that he can prove that it’s not a scam, and receives advance payment only to never send the item by mail.

He even spoke in a video where he confessed himself that he had committed the crimes and that he would never do it again.

Although it’s unconfirmed, Reporter Kim is led to believe that Choi Young Tae continues to commit these petty crimes because of private loan debt.

Back in 2011, Choi Young Tae appeared on Superstar K as a promising musician and was even praised by Lee Seung Chul for his cover of “Without Any Words”.

So netizens can’t help but feel shocked at the fact that he is now committing petty crimes against innocent victims using a used goods website.

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Source: Dispatch