Former T-ara Member Ryu Hwayoung Made An Appearance On “King Of Masked Singer” And T-ara Fans Are Not Having It

11,000 dislikes? Yikes

Former T-ara member and actress Ryu Hwayoung is making headlines once again, this time for an appearance on a show after 2 years of inactivity.

In the latest episode of King of Masked Singer, Ryu Hwayoung was revealed as the voice behind the stork. Although she may have been eliminated during the first round, viewers were still able to hear her vocals while she finished her song.

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After her reveal, Hwayoung shared with the viewers:

I’ve been inactive and haven’t promoted for a long time. I was scared that people would forget me.

— Hwayoung

However, her vocals or heartfelt confession are not the reasons behind her making headlines. Instead, fans of girl group T-ara are upset seeing the former member being active again in the industry. Previously, Ryu Hwayoung was embroiled in a bullying scandal with the girl group, ruining their career and promotional activities at the time. T-ara’s international fans had a lot to say about her appearance on the show.

  • She doesn’t deserve to be on stage. This is so disrespectful with T-ARA.
  • You can clearly see from her gestures that this girl is an attention seeker.
  • He would have put on a viper mask
  • I can’t believe the show still invited her and I can’t believe that she didn’t feel ashamed to be there. She’s such a bad bad bad idol ever. Btw I will report this video
  • Just came here to dislike this video…there are lots of idols whose careers were ruined then turned out to be innocent, some are even way lesser evil than this but hey chose to hide and reflect to what they have done…I’ve never seen any idol as shameless as this evil right here…still have the guts to sing up on stage…disgusting


  • No one has really forgiven her should be ashamed of being on the show
  • I can’t believe her. She’s really shameless
  • The nerve of this show. Her skin is made of the thickest of titanium
  • Omg guys stop calling her SNAKE, I’m tired of liking all your comments, periodt
  • I don’t want to see her anywhere, because of her innocent people suffered and she away the opportunity to shine, FY


Fans were quick to dislike the video to further show their frustration and anger towards the former member.

Still from Ryu Hwayoung’s appearance on Masked King | YouTube

Check out Ryu Hwayoung’s performance as a stork on King of Masked Singer.

Source: YouTube