Former TWICE Hater Reveals Why She Originally Hated The Group, And How She Eventually Started Stanning Them 

There’s a great moral at the end.

TWICE has had to deal with a lot of haters throughout their career, to the point where the haters have a fandom name, THRICE.

Here’s a unique story about a former TWICE hater who now loves the group. A YouTube channel by the name of “NihonSaranghae” shared her story of becoming a fan of TWICE.

She disliked TWICE because she decided to believe all the circulating rumors that they were untalented, and were only popular for their faces.

A reason she believed this is because she watched MR Removed videos of their performances. However, it’s quite well known now that these kinds of videos aren’t that reliable.

Another reason she disliked TWICE was that she was a huge fan of Girls’ Generation, and felt a little furious when their title of “The Nation’s Girl Group” was just handed to an unproven group.

She eventually became a fan when she started watching variety shows featuring the members and saw their bright personalities.

She soon became a big fan of Sana and decided to watch the episodes of SIXTEEN.

After this, she was hooked on the members and even struggled to choose her bias.

In the end, she has a simple message to conclude her story.

Here is the full video below!