Former Wonder Girls Member Ahn Sohee And J.Y. Park Talk About How Difficult The Choreography For “Switch To Me” Is

Sohee confirmed it was unbelievably difficult!

Former Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee recently released a cover dance video, where she covered songs such as “Dynamite” by BTS

…and “Move” by SHINee‘s Taemin!

She also covered J.Y.Park and Rain‘s collaborative single, “Switch To Me”, and performed the dance with none other than J.Y. Park himself!

J.Y. Park and Sohee

As she sat down with J.Y. Park in the JYP Entertainment building, she reminisced about dancing at the agency during her idol years!

Never thought I’d be dancing again at JYP…


As the two talked about the song, J.Y.Park remarked that the choreography is a tough one to follow!

It’s really hard for women to dance to that, isn’t it?

—J.Y. Park

And Sohee confirmed it, saying that she even felt like she tasted blood after attempting the choreography before!

It’s super hard, really! I run out of blood sugar. I feel like I’m going to taste my blood!


And it’s no surprise she feels that way, given how rigorous and taxing the choreography for “Switch To Me” is!

Sohee however, teamed up with J.Y. Park for a duet cover performance of the song, and absolutely crushed it!

You can watch her talk about “Switch To Me” here:

And you can watch her perform it here!

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