This Former YG Entertainment Trainee Almost Debuted With BIGBANG — Here’s Why He Didn’t And What He’s Doing Now

“Oh my goodness, I remember…!”

Before BIGBANG debuted as a five-membered boy group in 2006, YG Entertainment actually had these three trainees scoped out for the group: G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Han Hyun Soo.

Five-membered BIGBANG in early-debut days

Throughout G-Dragon and Taeyang’s traineeship with the agency, the young Han Hyun Soo also prepared for debut alongside the members.

The young Han Hyun Soo as YG Entertainment’s trainee

These three quickly became best friends — and even had “fans” lined up pre-debut.

Han Hyun Soo, G-Dragon, and Taeyang (left to right)

As YG’s most popular trainees, they became affectionately nicknamed the “Han-Dong-Kwon” trio — a sort of “squad name” based on their last names.

Han Hyun Soo, Taeyang, and G-Dragon (left to right)

Unfortunately, impending debut, Han Hyun Soo withdrew from traineeship after facing intense opposition from his family. His parents insisted that he “goes back to school and focuses on his academic work“.

The young Han Hyun Soo

Shortly after Han Hyun Soo’s departure, BIGBANG debuted via the TV program which finalized the members DaesungT.O.P and former member Seungri.

Watching his best friends’ dream come true, Han Hyun Soo once left a lengthy and supportive message on CyWorld — asking his fans to keep supporting BIGBANG.

Hi, long time no see. I’ve come to share that my best friends are finally debuting. I’m sure you’ve all been counting down for this day, so you know already. But they’re debuting as BIGBANG! Isn’t that so cool? Please wish the best for Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri. They promised me that they’ll become the best, for me. I’m no longer with them, but I can’t wait to see them succeed. I believe in them too. I’m listening to their songs… and it’s bringing tears to my eyes. They’re really something else. I’m so proud of them and I’m happy that they’re my friends. Tomorrow, they’ll be performing on stage with their own song for the first time. It’s going to be like a concert. I’ll be rooting for BIGBANG and cheering for them on the top of my lungs. My fans, please show them support too…

— Han Hyun Soo

From then on, Han Hyun Soo went back to being a good student. He eventually moved on to study art in Hanyang University.

And as his 2015 Living Sense magazine interview revealed, Han Hyun Soo has become a renowned designer — working on expressive metal, fashion, and interior designs.

Han Hyun Soo as featured in “Living Sense” in 2015

Though there exist some pictures which hint that he and BIGBANG members stayed in touch post the group’s debut…

Han Hyun Soo and Taeyang

… it is ultimately uncertain how close the “Han-Dong-Kwon” trio remains now. BIGBANG fans, especially the ones who have never heard of Han Hyun Soo, are curious — and wonder what BIGBANG would have been like had he not withdrawn — but nonetheless, wish him the best in his endeavors.

  • “Sounds like they have all been amazingly supportive friends. It touches my heart.”
  • “Wow, it has been forever since Han-Dong-Kwon… Long time no see, Han Hyun Soo. These are all such good memories.”
  • “Whoa, how curious. I wonder what BIGBANG would have been like, if that trainee ended up debuting with the group…”
  • “What in the world!? I had no idea all this time I’ve stanned BIGBANG…”
  • “Oh my goodness, I remember Han-Dong-Kwon, LOL! It has been forever, literally!”
Source: THEQOO, Instiz and Living Sense