Former YGE Creative Director Shares Photo Of Lee Hi’s Never Released Comeback

Fans have been waiting for quite some time now.

Former YG Entertainment’s Creative Director Axis, who recently gained attention for his personal opinion on why BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the future of K-Pop, answered fans’ questions through an Instagram story session.

He answered questions from what his favorite songs were from YG artists as well as questions regarding the K-Pop industry.

One question in particular asked if he could post any photos or concepts of Lee Hi that were never released before. He answered the question with a photo of what seemed to be photo concepts of Lee Hi’s never released comeback that was supposed to be released in January 2018. Fans believe that this photo was supposed to be for her mini album Hotel Chateau Adore. Lee Hi was even seen posting photos of the photo shoot days before she announced that she would be leaving YG Entertainment.

Other fans revealed that she had been teasing for this album throughout 2017 only to never be released after she left the company. Fans were sad that they weren’t able to listen to any of her new work before she parted ways.

In regards to his favorite song from Lee Hi, he chose her track called “Official.”

Other questions asked by fans included who is fave was in BLACKPINK.

“When will BLACKPINK make a comeback? I feel like I will die waiting for their return…” He tells the fan not to die and to just continue to keep waiting until it happens.

When asked about whether or not Lisa was cute or a bad-ass, he answers with a photo instead.

He reveals that his favorite song from BLACKPINK is “Whistle.”

His favorite song by WINNER is “Everyday.”

He also seems to hint at more unreleased tracks of Katie Kim with this question.

In regards to having no new videos from BLACKPINK in over a year, he can only tell them to wait until they make a comeback.

He also reveals his favorite BTS song is “Boy in Luv.”

Fans hope that YG will get their act together and release new music for all the fans that have been patiently waiting!