A Fortune Teller Predicted TWICE Mina’s True Calling, And No One Expected It

But it surprisingly suits her!

In a past interview, TWICE chatted with a seasoned fortune teller, and Mina took the opportunity to ask what job she will be doing in the future.

What is my true calling and what job should I challenge in the future?

— Mina

Will she be an actress?

Or maybe a professional dancer?

According to the fortune teller, it’s none of the above! Mina was told that she will be a YouTuber.

Your true calling is a YouTuber!

— Fortune teller

Upon hearing that, Mina and her members expressed shock, with some even gasping out loud.

The fortune teller explained why she landed with that prediction. Not only does Mina prefer staying inside, she also has no problem with doing the same job for an extended period of time.

You’re someone that doesn’t really like the outdoors and have a more indoor feel. You can do the same thing for a long time.

— Fortune teller

Likewise, most YouTubers film indoors and specialize in a specific content. If Mina were to be a YouTuber, she may be interested in filming herself doing one of her hobbies, such as assembling Lego!

One thing’s for sure, she’d instantly make it big as a YouTuber.

Source: YouTube