TWICE’s Mina Is Such A Homebody That She Only Does 2 Activities Every Day

Introverts unite ✊

TWICE‘s Mina is the perfect embodiment of an introvert who loves the comforts of home!

In a recent video, Mina answered common questions about herself as she assembled a Lego bouquet. She was asked what she does when she has some free time and isn’t working. “What does Mina do when she’s taking a break?

She laughed and replied that her hobbies are the same as many people—watching videos, dramas, and movies. In fact, one of her favorite K-Dramas at the moment is the popular Penthouse, which recently concluded its second season.

Break? What do I do? Probably the same as you. I watch videos, dramas, and movies. I’ve been watching Penthouse. Season 2 has just ended. They’re making Season 3, so I have to wait. I can hardly wait.

— Mina

Mina added, “I love staying at home.

That then prompted the next question, “What’s the longest you’ve stayed at home without going outside?

Her answer proves that she’s a homebody through and through! She explained that she usually only goes out of the house to practice. Because of that, she was once able to stay at home for two entire weeks.

I’ve never counted. Basically, I go out when we have to practice. But if you don’t count that, probably around 2 weeks?

— Mina

Hilariously, like many introverts, Mina’s daily routine is extremely simple: go to work and eat! “I go to the office, eat, then that’s it for the day.

Learn more about TWICE’s Mina in full video below.

Source: TWICE


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