The Fourth Generation Boy Group Member Who Is Now One Of South Korea’s Hottest Tattoo Artists

He was one of the “MIXNINE” finalists.

If you are ever on the hunt for a talented tattoo artist in Seoul, South Korea, chances are, you might come across an artist named Colin. His expertise in the art form might give off the impression that he has been doing this all his life, but in reality, Colin was a full-time K-Pop idol even a couple of years ago!

Tattoo artist Colin, who used to be a fourth-generation idol | @irubin_/Instagram

Colin’s real name is Lee Rubin, but fans might remember him simply as Rubin. Rubin debuted in March 2019 with a group called 1TEAM. The group consisted of five members, and he held the position of the visual and the lead vocalist. 1TEAM debuted with a mini album, Hello!, and their debut single was “Vibe.”

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But before becoming a member of 1TEAM, Rubin spent eight years in the entertainment industry as a trainee. He was training under Woollim Entertainment, and it is said that he was competing for a spot in the final lineup of the boy group Golden Child.

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Rubin also appeared in multiple survival shows before his official debut. He was a participant in BOYS24, a 2016 idol reality show produced by CJ E&M. After making it to the semifinals, Rubin, unfortunately, got eliminated and didn’t make it to the debut lineup.

Rubin on “BOYS24”

In 2017, he participated in MIXNINE and successfully became one of the nine finalists who were supposed to debut in a group together. However, the show’s plan fell through, and none of the finalists got to debut in the end.

Rubin on “MIXNINE”

After debuting with 1TEAM, Rubin was an idol for only two years, as the group, unfortunately, disbanded in March 2021. The quartet released two more albums after their debut, Just and One.

While Rubin had chased his passion for music as an idol trainee for a long time, 1TEAM’s disbandment took him back to his roots of art. From a very young age, he was interested in art and even considered it as an alternative career option. According to his Instagram bio, the singer is now a Western Painting major and works as a tattoo artist based in Seoul. His talent in art shines through the different styles of tattooing he has done for his client, which includes black ink, colored, and line designs.

Tattoo work done by Rubin, aka Colin | @tattooer_colin/Instagram

Rubin’s talent, however, is multifaceted. Besides studying art and working as an artist, he is also a professional photographer and a model!

Rubin’s work as a photographer | @dillo_zip/Instagram
Lee Rubin also works as a model | @irubin_/Instagram

Is there anything this man can’t do?

Source: KProfiles