Here’s The Full Story Behind K-Pop’s Most Popular Look “The Flower Boy”

It’s called a “Flower Boy” style for a reason.

The world of K-Pop has a wide range of “faces” – from anime faces to pokemon faces and even furry friends‘ faces. One of the longest running, highly preferred “style of face”, however, is the foxy “flower boy” beauty – and it will always be a favorite kind of visual for many K-Pop lovers. To better grasp what kind of features this “flower boy face” would include, one must first understand that a “Flower Boy”, also referred to as its original Korean term of “Hwarang”, is actually a type of soldier – a very pretty soldier – from the ancient Korean Silla dynasty. These “Hwarangs” were initially selected to represent the nation, with their brains, looks, and talent; but as needed, they would serve as a military force to protect the country.

Photo from the Cast of K-Drama “Hwarang”


From records, these “Flower Boys” worked on not only improving their scholastic assets, but also their appearance too. Hence, “Flower Boys” were respectively an assembly of very gorgeous boys – which could possibly have been considered the super early form of a boy group! And the most common facial features of these “Hwarangs” typically included bright and translucent skin, Korean-style mono-lidded and upward-slanted eyes, sharp pointy noses, and thin and less defined lips. Here’s an illustration of what Hwarangs may have looked like:


Easily put, the “Flower Boy Face” is typically foxy – with smaller, but longer eyes – and generally with a sleekness that creates a icy-cold and chic vibe. One of the most iconic hwarang-style K-Pop idol with a “Flower Boy Face” would be SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo. His fans go crazy for his uniquely shaped eyes, which really sets him apart from other good-looking K-Pop male idols.


Another undeniable “Flower Boy Face” belongs to actor Lee Jun Ki. As proven in his blockbuster movie “The King and The Clown”, Lee Jun Ki has an unrivaled beauty that strongly resembles what Koreans imagine such “Hwarangs” to have looked like.


NU’EST‘s Minhyun is also a strong “Flower Boy Face” that has K-Pop fans head-over-heels in love. Though Minhyun has lightly double-lidded eyes, his overall look is very much “Hwarang” style and fans dig the mystic vibe that Minhyun often beams on and off the stage.


BTOB‘s Sungjae is the epitome of this “Flower Boy Face”, with his pale skin, sharp eyes, and defined nose. His nickname, which has long involved foxes of all sorts, only prove that he’s one of the original “Hwarang” style faces of K-Pop!


Other possible candidates for representing K-Pop’s “Flower Boys” include Stray KidsHyunjin


… and model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun!


As widely beloved by K-Pop fans worldwide, these foxy-faced “Hwarang” style beauties will always be popular in the Korean entertainment industry.

Source: THEQOO and Namu Wiki