French Radio Station Tricked Into Believing NCT’s Haechan Is Beyoncé’s Son

An iconic moment in NCTzen history!

American singer-songwriter Beyoncé is married to American rapper and producer Jay-Z. Together, they have a daughter Blue Ivy, and twins Rumi and Sir… and NCT‘s Haechan?

From left: Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Sir, Rumi, Blue Ivy, and Beyoncé (again) dressed as the Proud Family | @beyonce/Instagram

In the NCT fandom, it is joked that Beyoncé is Haechan’s mom. They are both undoubtedly multitalented performers!

This joke once went so far as to trick a French radio station into believing Haechan really is Beyoncé’s son.

In 2018, Haechan was listed among Beyoncé’s children on Google and Wikipedia. So, she had four kids for a few days!

At the time, a French radio station spoke about Beyoncé, including her kids. So, when they listed the children off, they mentioned Haechan. They joked that he was the “rejected” one from the family as he’s the only one not a Carter (Jay-Z’s surname).

Years later, this iconic moment resurfaces, especially on special occasions like Beyoncé’s birthday.


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