Fans Are Surprised At The Friendship Between SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And NCT’s Haechan

Check out their adorable interaction.

It all happened during a particular year’s Idol Sports Athletic Championship. Haechan was just sitting with fellow NCT member, Yuta, minding his own business.

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That’s when SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan came over and started talking to him.

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Later on, the two even approached each other personally…

…leading to this golden moment that solidified their friendship – a handshake.

As Haechan had to go, the two greeted each other before he left.

Look at that lingering contact!

Fans are absolutely fascinated as to how the two became friends. They’ve not been known to have other contact previously, although many of the NCT members are known to be close with some of the SEVENTEEN members.

Fans are comparing the two’s friendship to a Jeju Hallabong Chocolate candy, given that Haechan’s nickname is Chocoball while Seungkwan’s been compared to a Hallabong mandarin.

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What’s interesting to note, is that while Seungkwan hails from Jeju, Haechan spent his early years there up to the end of elementary school as well! It’s not the first time Seungkwan is known for being a social butterfly! Check out his other surprising friendships here.

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