Give Yourself A Fun K-Pop Idol Name, The Same Way MCND’s Castle J Did

“Forest J? LMAO.”

K-Pop idols have some of the coolest stage names — and these “alter ego” identities make them even more unforgettable. While there are multiple ways to come up with such stage names, here is how the rookie boy group MCND‘s Castle J came up with his!

He cleverly incorporated his full legal name, Son Sung Joon, into his unique stage name. The “Castle” comes from the middle syllable Sung which is a direct translation of the Korean word sung. The “J” comes from the first letter of the last syllable Joon.

“How To Name Yourself Like MCDN’s Castle J”

Korean netizens had a blast trying to give themselves K-Pop stage names:

For non-Korean names, you can try tweaking the rule a little bit: Take the first (or first few) syllable of your first name, convert it into Korean, then use the direct translation of it — followed by your last name initial. For example, Sana Minatozaki could use “Sa” in Korean as 사, which means four. Added to the last name initial M, her stage name would be “Four M”!

What’s your K-Pop stage name?

Source: THEQOO