The Funny Thing That Happened To Koreans At “Avatar: The Way of Water” Premiere That You Should Watch Out For Too

It disrupted the movie 😂

Avatar: The Way of Water, the long-awaited sequel to the hit film Avatar, has finally premiered around the world. It follows characters Jake Sully and Ney’tiri as they form a family and face a threat that endangers their home.

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

Fans who have been waiting years for its release made sure to watch it in theaters during opening day. But in South Korea, something completely unexpected happened to these moviegoers!

One of the characters in the film is named “Kiri,” played by actress Sigourney Weaver.

Actress Sigourney Weaver (left)

However, Kiri just so happens to sound like Apple’s virtual assistant Siri who answers with the cue, “Hey Siri.” The two names are so similar, iPhone users who were watching the movie had their Siri go off whenever a character called Kiri!

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. The female protagonist of South Korean romantic mystery film “Decision to Leave” was a character named Seorae.

When spoken, it also sounds very similar to “Siri,” which is why the same thing happened to people watching the film in the cinema.

It reached the point where mass media company CJ ENM even had to upload an announcement on Instagram for it. In the post, the warned iPhone users to turn off Siri because they “didn’t want Siri answering mid-movie.

Attention iPhone Users. Please check your device before watching “Decision to Leave.” We don’t want Siri answering mid-movie…! Find out what we mean at your local theater!


If you’re an iPhone user and are planning to watch either Avatar: The Way of Water or Decision To Leave, you may want to follow CJ ENM’s advice before heading to the theater!

Source: Insight Korea
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