F(x)’s Luna Opens Up About What Led To Her Having Self-Esteem Issues And How She Overcame Them

She also shared warm words of advice for anyone going through what she did!

F(x)‘s Luna opened up about having self-esteem issues, and shared warm advice with her fans about how to overcome them!

Luna recently celebrated her 10th debut anniversary as a musical theatre actress, and to celebrate it, she sat down for an interview with KBS reporter Jung Ji Eun, where she talked about her career till now, and new steps in her career!

In the interview, the two talked about one of the characters that Luna played; Ich (me) from the musical Rebecca.

Rebecca centers around the story of a wealthy aristocrat and his new wife, who is constantly compared to the aristocrat’s previous wife by the manipulative housekeeper of the mansion. Luna plays the role of the wife (referred to as “I”, “me”, or “Ich” in the story), who grows from a naive woman to one full of self-confidence.

Regarding her character, Jung Ji Eun referenced Ich’s character development, and also addressed the topic of mental health, asking Luna to leave tips for viewers about how to overcome these hardships!

You played the role “me” (Ich) in 2017’s Rebecca. But this character comes out as a passive character in the beginning. As an orphan, she has low self-esteem and is not sure if the other person loves her, and then she suddenly grows up. Through a series of developments, you turn into a strong woman, and you win love again! You played a very important role in Rebecca.

These days, there are lots of people with mental illnesses in modern society. So if you have any tips for the viewers, if you have low self-esteem, please let us know!

—Jung Ji Eun

Luna shared her experiences, opening up about how her self-esteem issues crept up because of people taking advantage of her kind nature, and how she got hurt many times because of it.

I think it’s better to be honest. When I was young, I heard a lot that I had a “good kid’s disease”. Maybe because I was too young, I got hurt a lot. Being kind to people has become a disease in society.

I felt that society is scary and dangerous, so my self-esteem had decreased a lot.


Luna then revealed how she managed to overcome her negative experiences, and how she was finally able to heal and love herself again!

The way I overcame it was to be treated the way I wanted to be, and to be the person I wanted to be. As I started to appreciate everything from one to ten, my relationship with people improved and my self-esteem increased at the same time. The most important thing is to realize how happy and valuable my life is. Because there are times when you get tired of your daily life and think that life is hard for everyone.

But I was rather happy. I was thankful that I could feel this tired feeling and that I had the power to work, so those things helped me to raise my self-esteem. If you want something you want to do today, look in the mirror!


Luna’s warm advice is sure to help many!

Watch her talk about it here!