Fans rush to support G-Dragon after he confesses THIS on Instagram

G-Dragon may have decided to stop smoking, but it seems like his resolutions are starting to become a struggle.

G-Dragon recently revealed that he has stopped smoking and continues to push towards his goal of being cigarette-free for the New Year. Unfortunately, the beloved idol stated through an Instagram post that quitting has been a big struggle. He uploaded this photo with a caption that reads, “It’s too difficult to quit.”


A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on

G-Dragon declared his desire to quit smoking during BIGBANG’s two-day concert when Seungri asked him about his New Year’s resolution. During that time, G-Dragon confessed, “I stopped smoking, but I’m open to using an electronic cigarette instead,” which reduced the number of smokers from the group to just one, T.O.P. 

G-Dragon’s determination to stop smoking carries great significance as he has a heavy impact on the youth. Luckily, he has also expressed his desire to continue down the arduous path for the sake of his fans. This led them to cheer on his plea to stop smoking and post encouraging comments on his personal Instagram account instead.

Source: StarNews