G-Dragon reveals his new style with a hot tub selfie

G-Dragon shared a recent picture of himself and revealed a completely new look.

On March 12, G-Dragon uploaded a photo of himself leisurely sitting in what appears to be a hot tub, relaxing with his rubber duck.

What drew attention to the photo, however, was G-Dragon’s recent facial hair growth that was proudly displayed in the photo. Scrunching his face at the camera, G-Dragon looked older than usual as the beard and goatee he sported gave him a mature look.

This new look appears to have been kept undercover as all his recent posts showing his front side, had his face covered in some form. With a new album in the works, G-Dragon’s new, mature look could be a part of his comeback.

G-Dragon has always been a trendsetter, and if history is anything to go by, it won’t be long before other idols are spotted with their beards grown out too.

Check out G-Dragon’s new look below!


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