G-Friend fansite surprises TWICE fans at Sana’s birthday gallery

Rookie girl groups TWICE and G-Friend are known to be good friends with each other, but are also rivals in terms of popularity and success.

TWICE’s Sana and G-Friend’s Eunha have been become quite close ever since the Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016. Sana even exclaimed her excitement to see her friend on a live broadcast. To show off their friendship, the two also posted an adorable clip of themselves together that has now gained over 100,000 views. Sana and Eunha clearly are very fond of each other.

Despite being members of incredibly popular groups, and being often compared against each other, the two of them have chosen friendship over competition. And now it seems that their fans are beginning to show their support for the friendship as well, as a major Eunha fansite, Space Odyssey, went to a Sana exhibit hosted by fans for her upcoming birthday.

Space Odyssey was very open about their love not only for the other fansites, but for Sana as well. One of G-Friend member SinB‘s fansite, Scene #B, also made an appearance at the exhibit to show fellowship between the sites and groups.

Rather than fighting with each other, these sites have followed the lead of their idols and are showing support for each other. The cute relationship between them is something every fandom show strive for.