[★BREAKING] GFriend Sowon Injured During Stage At Golden Disk Awards

Fans grew extremely worried after they spotted GFriend‘s Sowon limping off the stage at the 31st Golden Disk Awards.

A short clip of GFriend Sowon’s extreme professionalism despite great pain is causing heartache among fans of GFriend after the 31st Golden Disk Awards which was held today.

After a clip of Sowon limping off stage began spreading on Twitter, questions rose as to what had happened to her since there was no apparent stage accident that took place during the performance.

One eagle-eyed fan, however, spotted that Sowon seemed to catch herself from slipping during their performance of “Navillera” and posted the clip on Twitter.

After the injury, Sowon is seen completing the performance without even flinching once, showing how professional and dedicated she is. GFriend also took home the Bongsang Digital Song Division award along with Lee Hi.

Check out the full performance of GFriend at the Golden Disk Awards Below: