Gain Bursts into Tears During Brown Eyed Girls’ First Group Performance in 4 Years

It was in the middle of their new song, “Abandoned”.

Brown Eyed Girls‘ recently came out with a new mini-album and appeared Studio Music Hall to talk about their music as well as perform.

One of the songs they performed was “Abandoned”, which is about someone who had their heart broken by someone they loved.

As soon as the music began, the four members proceeded to sing the song with all their emotions.

But toward the end of the song, Gain suddenly burst into tears, halting the performance.

In response, both Gain’s fellow members, as well as the cast members, attempted to comfort Gain by telling her to take a break and adding that the song is indeed very sad.

Fans who saw Gain’s tears responded with comments such as “I cried with her“, “It’s okay to cry!“, and “It’s nice to see Brown Eyed Girls taking care of their youngest“.

Check out their full appearance below:

Source: Dispatch