Gary’s Son Hao Turns Down a Big Toy Purchase Because He Thinks His Dad Is Poor Due to COVID-19

Hao thinks his dad is poor now.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Superman Returns, Gary‘s Son, Hao surprised viewers by turning down big toy purchases out of consideration for his dad.

On the show, Gary took his son to a toy store to pick out toys for Korea’s children’s day.

And Hao, who has always had a love for toys, couldn’t contain his excitement as soon as he entered the store.

But for some reason, Hao grabbed a smaller toy than the one he originally wanted.

The reason was that Hao thought the bigger one was too expensive.

When Gary told him to pick out more toys, Hao declined and explained,

Dad, you have no job. Because of the coronavirus.

– Hao

On their way to the store, Hao noticed the roads being empty and asked his dad,

Why are there no cars? Dad, why don’t you go to work?

– Hao

And in response, Gary answered,

People don’t have work because of the coronavirus. Everyone’s being careful.

– Gary

This caused Hao to worry about Gary’s financial situation, which is why he picked out a smaller toy.

Gary was taken aback by Hao’s consideration, and he was so touched by it that he bought Hao an additional toy.

Hao’s surprising maturity has viewers leaving comments such as “Hao is such an angel“, “I want a son like Hao“, “How could he think like that?” and “It’s hard not to love him“.


Source: Insight