Gary’s Son, Hao, Shocks Viewers With His Surprising Level of Maturity at Just 27 Months Old

He shopped for guitars like a fully grown adult.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Superman Returns, Gary and his son, Hao visited Nakwon Musical Instrument Arcade in Seoul as father and son.

Despite just being 27 months old, Hao is a huge fan of YouTuber, Wonbae Guitar, which is what led Gary to decide on shopping for Hao’s first guitar.

Once they got to the shop, the owner recommended a small mini guitar for Hao, but Hao was more interested in the bigger guitars.

When Gary asked about what he thought about the sound, Hao replied, “It’s nice” like the chill and easygoing kid he is.

But what surprised viewers, even more, was the fact that Hao even asked about the prices in order to compare the different options.

How much is this? How much is this one?

– Hao

In response, the owner revealed the prices, and when he asked Hao which one he liked, Hao thought carefully and responded in a way that made everyone burst into laughter.

I think I’ll look around some more.

– Hao

After seeing Hao’s level of thoughtfulness and maturity, fans are responding with comments such as “Is he really just 27 months old?“, “Hao must be a musical genius“, and “He’s such a proper kid“.

Check out the full footage below:

Source: Dispatch