G-Dragon Revealed His New Penthouse Decor…And It’s Definitely Unique

It’s his money and he can spend it how he wants!

G-Dragon recently uploaded pictures to his Instagram account of the inside of his new luxurious penthouse, and it will definitely catch your eye at first glance.

Receiving attention for his quirky interior design choices, the walls are filled with unique and expensive pieces of artwork.

You’ll immediately notice the vivid colors, crazy patterns, and all-around artsy vibe his decor choices give off.

Fans are having mixed reactions when it comes to his choices, some thinking the overall look is too messy while others believe he’s entitled to do what he wants with his space.

Is it only me that thinks it looks distracting…

— Netizen


At the end of the day, all that matters is that G-Dragon himself enjoys it!

Check out the details of his new penthouse below!

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Purchases ₩9 Billion KRW Luxury Penthouse In Hannam

Source: Nate