G-Dragon’s Drug Scandal: Why The Public Is Skeptical About His Statement Denying Drug Abuse

What will the future hold for G-Dragon?

Due to the recent drug scandals in the K-entertainment industry, media outlets can’t help but compare the recent events to past drug scandals such as Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Ah In. In the case of Park and Yoo, they both denied drug use but ultimately tested positive for drugs. With G-Dragon’s recent statement denying drug use, media experts wonder how his case will turn out.

G-Dragon | TVDaily

Recently, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation unit announced that it had booked G-Dragon on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. It was reported that the police discovered G-Dragon’s drug charges while investigating Person B, the manager of an entertainment establishment, who was involved in the investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun’s alleged drug use. In the case of G-Dragon, it is a separate case from Lee’s drug use incident.

In a statement released through his legal representatives, G-Dragon has denied all accusations and charges against him for drug use.

First of all, it is not true that I used drugs. Additionally, I would like to clarify that I have nothing to do with the news reports about violating the Narcotics Act that was released by the media. However, I know that many people are concerned, so I will actively and fully cooperate with the investigation being conducted by the authorities.

— G-Dragon

Although he released a statement denying drug use, the public doesn’t seem to have much confidence in his words. So, why doesn’t the public trust G-Dragon?

First, this is not the first time he has been involved in a drug controversy. He received a deferred indictment from prosecutors on charges of smoking marijuana in October 2011. At the time, G-Dragon explained that he smoked marijuana given to him by a customer at a club, mistaking it for a cigarette. At the time of G-Dragon’s explanation was met with skepticism, but the decision to defer prosecution put it to rest.

Additionally, public suspicion has grown further due to G-Dragon’s recent strange behavior. Recently, it was pointed out that G-Dragon’s abnormal behavior in his departure video and video interview was similar to the symptoms of a drug addict. Because of this, the public is responding that they cannot easily believe G-Dragon’s explanation.

Park Yoo Chun (left), Yoo Ah In (right) | TVDaily

Above all, the cases of Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Ah In, who were previously booked on drug charges, make G-Dragon’s position even more difficult to believe. In the case of Park and Yoo, they strongly denied the drug charges at the beginning of the case. In particular, Park held a press conference at the beginning of the case and said that he would retire if the allegations of drug use were true, but his drug test was positive. It was a huge shock when it was revealed that Yoo had also taken more than seven types of drugs, including marijuana, ketamine, and cocaine.

Surprisingly, G-Dragon is undergoing the same procedure as Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Ah In. Those two also said they didn’t do it either.

In past videos such as the ELLE interview (the video has since been taken down), netizens also found that he was unable to respond in one complete sentence, making him sound very similar to Yoo Ah In.

  • “How often did they edit and combine it to create one sentence?”
  • “It sounds too much like Yoo Ah In’s acceptance speech.”
  • “It’s so amazing that they seem so in sync with Yoo Ah In. The tone of voice, intonation, pronunciation, hand gestures, body movements, eyes, facial expressions, actions, everything.”

Of course, it is fortunate if it is true that G-Dragon is innocent, but considering his recent actions and precedents, the public is unlikely to let go of doubt.

Source: tvdaily and newsen