G-Dragon Is Such An Influencer In Fashion That He Even Made THIS Shoe Go Viral

A true fashionista like GD can make anything fashionable.

It is no secret that G-Dragon is a fashion icon. Because people look to him for fashion inspiration, anything he does will become a fashion trend.


Although G-Dragon is currently serving in the military, he is still setting trends with his fashion. Because GD was seen wearing these green slippers in recently released photos…


…they started selling online.


These are standard slippers that are available to everyone serving in the military.


Apparently, they are selling well overseas. A few GD inspired hashtags were used to promote the slippers, and people started buying them.


As humorous as that is, it’s really not surprising. When it comes to shoes, G-Dragon has a history.

G-Dragon Wore These Shoes Once And They Sold Out In 1 Minute


He even set trends just by wearing shoes improperly. When he was seen wearing a pair of Vans shoes with the backs folded…


…Vans designed a pair of shoes that was made specifically to be worn in GD fashion. The shoes can be bought for 69,000 KRW (approx. $64.40 USD).


G-Dragon, a true fashionista in every sense of the word.

Source: Instiz and Joongang Ilbo