G-Dragon Once Gave IU A Priceless Gift That Left Her Completely Stunned

It was truly one of a kind.

IU told her fans during the G-Dragon‘s guest appearance at her Palette tour that she received a very special gift from him.

I’m talking about this for the first time, but I received an amazing present from G-Dragon. I was so thankful that when I called to say thank you, I felt really humbled. It was that good of a present.

— IU

Now, it’s well known that IU and G-Dragon have an especially good professional relationship.

IU even gave him a fridge full of soju so he can ease his mind before his military service. And on the flip side, G-Dragon featured in IU’s hit song “Palette”.

And there is no doubt that IU must receive many presents on a regular basis from her loving fans — but when G-Dragon gave her this gift, it stood out even in the midst of that long list.

I wondered if I deserve such an amazing present. I was so surprised.

— IU

It was a personally revamped and reworked version of IU’s Palette!

IU described the present for her fans.

I received a package a few days ago. It felt like a CD. So at first I thought what CD is it, maybe it’s a DVD?

But then the feel and the shape of the CD was too familiar.

When I opened it, it was my Palette album, personally decorated with flower petal stickers from cover to cover.

— IU

G-Dragon also took the time to explain why he decided to give IU this particular gift.

I was surprised myself while making it myself.

I received a special gift from IU before, so I wanted to give her something special. Then since the concept of the album is a palette, I decided to do something along those lines and to decorate it.

— G-Dragon

The gift really showed off both the giver and the recipient’s tremendous creative sides!

Here’s to hoping that their lovely friendship continues!