G-Dragon Is Already Setting Trends with His Unique Fashion Choice Following His Military Discharge

The trendsetter is back!

G-Dragon‘s sister recently shared photos of G-Dragon’s unique fashion choice on her official Instagram account.

The shared photos show G-Dragon taking a look around her clothing shop while sporting an outfit that is fitting of the fashionista himself.

The outfit G-Dragon went for that day was a colorful jumper along with a trench coat underneath and vibrant yellow socks.

He even topped it off with a beanie which added an even more unique touch to the look.

Seeing from the first outfit he was seen wearing following his military discharge, it is quite clear why he is a fashion trendsetter Korea.

Fans who saw G-Dragon’s recent look responded with comments such as “This style will probably start trending soon” and “He’s showing off interesting fashion right after his return“.

Source: Insight