G-Dragon Tattoo Supports Those Suffering From AIDS

It means a lot to LGBT+ fans.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon looks like a total bad boy but he is a total softie who absolutely loves his fans.

It’s no secret that the idol has a ton of tattoos. Like, a ton of tattoos. No joke. In 2017, G-Dragon had at least twenty tattoos!

Source: misjxxx/Instagram

Despite each tattoo likely having its own special meaning, there is one tattoo, in particular, that has an extra special meaning, not just to him but to members of the LGBT+ community as well.

The tattoo in question is one of artwork by the famous American artist Keith Haring, whose later works addressed societal themes, particularly regarding homosexuality and AIDS.

Source: ShrimpLJY/Instagram

Someone as famous as G-Dragon having a tattoo from a well-loved gay artist shows his solidarity and connection with, and support for, those who identify as LGBTQiA+.

With his compassionate and kind ways, G-Dragon really is a “good boy”.