G-Dragon Was Selling His Own $500 Olympics Hat, But Now It’s Gone

The Olympics hold a special meaning to him.

G-Dragon has affectionately been called an “Olympic Baby” in the past for being born in 1988, the year that South Korea hosted the Summer Olympics.


He’s also been photographed multiple times in the past sporting versions of the official hats sold back then.

And last year he finally added a Seoul Olympics ’88 hat to his PeaceMinusOne collection, which is currently sold out.

This year he put up a new design with Pyeongchang on the hat and ’18 for the year 2018.

However, the hat was promptly taken down from the site with no explanation, possibly due to copyright issues.

The hat probably still holds meaning to G-Dragon as the games came back to Korea in a year ending on the number 8. Those who are a fan of G-Dragon will know that the number 8 is very special to him as he was born on 8/18/88.

We don’t know why it was taken down but we will be patiently waiting for this hat to be back on the market!

Source: Sporbiz