G-Dragon Or Yoo Jae Suk? Haha Picks Who He’d Want To Be Reborn As And It’s Not For The Reasons You’d Think

“I can’t live like [him]…”

Entertainer Haha recently made a guest appearance on the YouTube channel MIC SWAGGER, where he answered some fun “balance game” questions for the viewers. When asked “if you could form a duo between Gil and Gary (former Leessang members,) who would you pick?” Haha responded that he would choose Gary for this hilarious reason.

Haha on “MIC SWAGGER” | YouTube

I choose Gary because he has hair. He (Gil) says it’s for fashion, but I know. There’s no other reason. It’s just because of his hair.

— Haha

The next question pertained to his family and more specifically, his oldest son. When asked, “if your oldest son decided to pursue a career in reggae music, would you allow him to?” Haha responded that he would, but in the most Haha way possible!

I’d agree to it.  He has to know how hard it is. I honestly think it was harder than parenting.

— Haha

This is where the questions began to get a little tougher. The entertainer was asked to choose between his former Infinite Challenge member Park Myung Soo versus his current Running Man member Ji Suk Jin — as his older brother. This question took Haha a long time to answer, as he pondered between the two for quite some time before picking Ji Suk Jin.

Ji Suk Jin. Suk Jin hyung and I mesh well. We fill each other’s empty and lacking areas.

— Haha

When asked, “if you could be reborn, would you live as G-Dragon or as Yoo Jae Suk?” Haha was quick to answer that he would choose to live as the BIGBANG member, and he revealed the many different reasons why he didn’t choose Yoo Jae Suk.

GD. GD. G-Dragon. Kwon Ji Yong. There’s a lot of different reasons, but honestly, I can’t live like Yoo Jae Suk. I’m not saying that I’d live well as GD either, but no one can live Jae Suk hyung‘s lifestyle. Yoo Jae Suk wakes up at 6 am. He reads the newspaper, he plays baduk (Korean board game,) he exercises for 3 hours, he studies. He studies English and classical Chinese. HA!

— Haha

Lastly, the former Infinite Challenge cast member was asked if he would partake in Infinite Challenge Season 2, if given the opportunity — and this question may have broken Haha because he was unable to give a concrete answer.

Just because I decide I want to doesn’t mean that it will happen. Everything has to come together for it to work. There’s a lot of things that we can’t tell you guys.  Honestly, I think all of the members would want to do it again. However, there’s a lot of different factors. And just because we want to do it, doesn’t mean we can.

The broadcast station needs to want it, but the most important factor are the viewers. What if we do redo the show, but we don’t meet the expectations? We have to calculate that into it as well. It’s a matter of, do we allow it to end on a beautiful note or do we give it another try because it’s a good opportunity? We all miss it though.

— Haha

Haha is such a wonderful entertainer, even showing off his well-rounded variety abilities through a simple balance game! You can check out the entire video down below.

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