Get To Know The Possible Members of JYP Entertainment’s Next Girl Group

JYP Entertainment is the home of mega super K-Pop girls groups such as Wonder Girls, Miss A and TWICE.

It is extremely competitive even to be admitted to JYP Entertainment as a trainee, and once these trainees are admitted, they are closely monitored by a team of professionals, teaching them valuable lessons in singing, dancing, acting and even sex education.

The trainees are evaluated monthly by the label executives, with annual showcase being held to give them more stage experience.

The K-Pop fans around the globe are keeping their eyes on JYP Entertainment because the next girl group launch is coming up soon.

The expectation has gone off the roof since this would be the first girl group being launched by JYP Entertainment would include many well-known trainees that are already famous.

Somi from I.O.I is patiently waiting for her potential groupmates, and she even made an introductory video for JYP girl group audition this year.

Project Girl Group 2 debuted briefly on the first episode of MTV’s Stray Kids, increasing the expectation from the fans even more.

Also, Trainees Ryujin and Sunmin recently appeared on JTBC’s Mix Nine, with Ryujin making it to the debut bus after receiving a rare praise from Yang Hyun Suk.

With the attention that Ryujin has been receiving, netizens are wondering who else, along with Somi and Ryujin would be included in the next girl group from JYP.

JYP reveals two female trainees and everyone is already obsessed

Look at the list of the trainees that are rumored to be in the group:



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Source: JYP Entertainment

Lily M






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