Here’s The Truth Behind GFRIEND’s Contract Termination According To VIVIZ’s SinB

“…from a month before the article came out, you can see the members crying…”

GFRIEND debuted in 2015 with the iconic song, “Glass Bead.” The song quickly took over the charts as the public was impressed by their powerful choreography and perfect vocals. They continued to have an excellent track record, releasing hit after hit. Fan favorites include “Me Gustas Tu,” “Time For The Moonlight,” and, of course, “MAGO.” “MAGO was their final song in 2021 before announcing that they would be parting ways with Source Music.

A year later, members, SinB, Eunha, and Umji re-debuted as a trio, VIVIZ. Their new song, “BOP BOP,” impressed the public and comforted fans. But the question remained — why did they leave the company so suddenly?

In March, SinB finally told fans the truth on SCAN VIVIZ, their short YouTube series. According to SinB, the girls had known of the termination a whole month before it was announced. They had cried it out for a month while watching clips of themselves and from fans. Eventually, when the news came out and rocked the world, GFRIEND had cried even more.

SinB explained how the members could not be the first to break the news to fans. | SCAN VIVIZ

How were we supposed to tell the fans? That we aren’t doing it anymore. That GFRIEND will not be renewing the contract. We couldn’t be the first to tell them. So to be honest, from a month before the article came out, you can see the members crying on VLIVE while watching videos made by fans in support of us. You can find such videos of us. So we thought that since we cried so much, we wouldn’t cry on the day of the announcement. We live in threes in the dorms. I lived with Sowon unnie and Eunha unnie. So in the morning, when we read the article, we all came out of our rooms at the same time crying. We thought we wouldn’t cry, but we all did. So I think that maybe, during the last year, it was really hard for everyone even though we tried not to make it obvious on broadcast and to the fans. I had never imagined that I would have cried as much as I did last year. I think I did enough crying for my life just in that year alone.

— SinB

SinB explained how they tried to mask the tears. | SCAN VIVIZ

Although fans were notified of the termination out of the blue, the girls tried their best to interact with fans as much as possible to lighten the blow. While fans still don’t know exactly why the girls did not re-contract, SinB’s honest interview shed some light on what went on behind the scenes. Catch the full interview below.


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