GFRIEND Almost Debuted With This Song — And It’s A Whole Different Vibe

Things could’ve turned out different.

GFRIEND made a stunning debut in 2015 with the song “Glass Bead”. “Glass Bead” was a girly and refreshing tune that cemented them in the hall of fame for K-Pop girl groups. The powerful but feminine choreography as well as the delicate melody had them likened to Girls’ Generation’s debut with “Into The New World”, which is actually high praise for girl groups.

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However, it was belatedly revealed that a different song almost became their debut song instead. They had recorded “Monday Blues” in 2014, but shelved the song. The song made a special return in 2019, during their tour, Go Go GFRIEND. They performed “Monday Blues” under the unit name World Peace. This was actually one of the contenders for their debut name. We’re not religious but thank god they went with GFRIEND.

The concept is totally different. The concept involved many huge ribbons and cheetah prints. This is as the song lyrics are literally, “the weekend is faster than a cheetah.” Comparatively, “Glass Bead” had them in athletic uniforms.


While “Monday Blues” is actually rather catchy, we’re sure fans would rather have had “Glass Bead” for it made GFRIEND who they are today! Catch “Monday Blues” below.