GFRIEND Eunha And SinB’s “Crossroads” Fight Scene Would’ve Been Very Different If They Were In Charge

It might have turned out totally different:

GFRIEND‘s latest hit “Crossroads” features a few intense and emotion-filled fight scenes between the members including one between Eunha and SinB. While the final result was intense, emotionally-charged, and hit everyone right in the feels, the scene may not have turned out quite the same if Eunha and SinB had been left in charge!

Image: @GFRDofficial/Twitter

In the latest episode of G-ING, Eunha and SinB gave BUDDY a behind-the-scenes look from their “Crossroads” filming including a look at that particular scene and all the challenges that came with it!

While the scene in the MV looks a little something like this:

In reality, things looked a little more like this:

From the moment they started filming, Eunha and SinB simply couldn’t contain their playful sides which meant that instead of fighting, they couldn’t stop cracking each other up!

Knowing that they weren’t going to get anywhere if they kept playing off of each other and joking around, Eunha attempted to match the mood to the scene…

Only it didn’t go quite as she expected!

Eventually, of course, Eunha and SinB were able to shake their case of the giggles and get that intense version for the MV that we all love but we can’t help falling in love with this super playful version too! Check out all the mischief Eunha and SinB got up to on the set in the video below:

And relive the powerful MV too!