GFRIEND Says Their “Merciless Outfits” Makes Them Think Twice About Eating

But they’re already so thin…

In a recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza, Eunji asked the GFRIEND members about their most recent worry.

And that’s when the members opened up about the “merciless outfits” that they’ve been wearing for their comeback with “Apple.”



The members confessed that due to their merciless outfits, they think twice about eating before performing on stage.

We contemplate whether we should eat anything or not before we perform for a recording. This time, our outfits are merciless. We can’t eat anything out of fear that our bellies will pop out.


In response, Eunji expressed her knowledge of the outfits by detailing what happens when one drinks water.

When you wear outfits like that, don’t just your upper bellies pop out if you drink water?

– Eunji

And the GFRIEND members sympathized.

GFRIEND recently made a comeback with “Apple”, and they’ve been flaunting their stunning figures in outfits that show off their midriff.

Beauty definitely doesn’t come easy, even for idols.

Be sure you take care of your health, our queens!

Source: Insight