Wondering What Idols Think Of Video Call Fansigns? GFRIEND Revealed Their Take On The Events

GFRIEND shared their thoughts about them:

This year has seen quite a number of changes in how events are held due to COVID-19. Fansign events have experienced one of the biggest changes, with idols meeting up with their fans through video calls instead of in person.

| @GFRDofficial/Twitter

With such a big change, you may be wondering how idols really feel about them, and through a recent behind video from their special “Apple” fansign event, GFRIEND dished on how it really felt meeting BUDDY through the video calls.


As with anything, these video call events have their own unique charm, like say, taking a peek into fans’ lives! As Umji put it, “Video call fansigns felt really strange at first, but I think they have their own charm. We got to look in BUDDYs’ houses and that was really fun!

Although the calls were a different experience, they were a nice one, especially as many fans had fun during the event too. “I was talking to some of the fans and I thought they would be disappointed in doing fansigns over video call but a lot of people said they enjoyed it as well. I feel like this will become a special memory. It was fun!Yuju revealed.

And although they may have felt a little awkward using the video format at first, it soon felt like they were simply having a video call with their friends!

It was really awkward at first, but I got more used to it over time. Rather I felt like buddies! I felt like I was video calling my friends over the phone.

— Yerin

At the same time, however, nothing could stop them from missing meeting BUDDYs in person! “While I enjoyed the event and thought it was cool, it’s a little sad I couldn’t meet our fans in person. But I’m glad that we could at least get in touch through video calls. I had a great time,Sowon expressed.

While nothing can replace meeting fans in person, video call events can be pretty great too! Find out what else GFRIEND had to say on the topic in the video below: