GFRIEND’s SinB Was Utterly Confused When a Fan Asked What an “MP3” Is

SinB’s experiencing generational gaps at just 21 years old.

GFRIEND‘s SinB recently shared a photo of the MP3 player she used to use when she was younger on Weverse.

She asked, “What kind of MP3 player did you use when you were little? I used this one. I want to turn it on, but I don’t have the charger. Too bad.

In response, many fans reminisced the times of the MP3 player with SinB, but one young fan made a comment that blew SinB’s mind.

The young fan had no idea what an MP3 player is.

What’s an MP3…? I don’t know about any MP3, but I love you, Unnie. Waaaaaaah. Everyone, I’m entering middle school this year. But… I don’t know what an MP3 is…

– Fan

And SinB was utterly confused.

…? …?!

– SinB

Another fan also expressed their unfamiliarity with the device.

People who’ve never seen an MP3 player before are also crying.

– Fan

After realizing that many young fans had never seen an MP3 player before, SinB was unable to hide her shock.

Wow, wait a minute. I’m shocked that so many people have never seen one of these before.

– SinB


As a kid, SinB naturally used MP3 players to listen to music, so this new revelation proved that there’s quite the generational gap between her and her younger fans.


Other older fans expressed their shock as well with comments such as “There are people who have no idea what an MP3 is?“, “That’s crazy because SinB is only 21 years old“, “The world has changed so much“, and “SinB’s so cute when she’s shocked“.

Source: Insight