GFRIEND’s SinB Explains Why Her Fetus Nickname Used To Be “Beer”

SinB’s father called her “Beer” when she was still in her mother’s belly.

GFRIEND‘s SinB revealed the fetus nickname that her parents came up with when she was still in her mother’s belly, and the story behind it is absolutely hilarious.

SinB took to Weverse to share the screenshot of a chat she shared with her mother along with the caption,

I’m posting this because someone said they were curious about my fetus nickname.

– SinB

In the chat, SinB asked her mother if there was a fetus nickname she called her by when she was still in her belly.

And although her mother didn’t have one for her, SinB’s father did.

Your father called you “Beer.”

– SinB’s Mother

That’s not all. Aside from calling her “Beer,” her father called her big brother “Rice Wine” when he was just a fetus.


And the reason?

Your brother was named “Rice Wine” before he was born because he was conceived after drinking rice wine. And you were conceived after drinking beer, so you were named “Beer.”

– SinB’s Mother

As expected, SinB was at a loss for words.

I’m speechless…

– SinB

Fetus nicknames are names that Korean parents address their baby by before they’re born.

One of SinB’s fans shared that her fetus name was “Chorong,” and in response, SinB expressed that she thought her nickname would’ve been a cute one, too.

I thought mine would’ve been a cute name like that, too…

– SinB

Instead, before SinB became “Eunbi,” she was “Beer.”

Source: Dispatch