GFRIEND’s SinB Shared Everything In Her Purse, Even Her Receipts

From perfume to receipts, SinB shared it all:

If you’ve ever wondered what K-Pop idols keep in their bags you’re not the only one and luckily, GFRIEND‘s SinB decided to satisfy everyone’s curiosity by sharing everything in her purse during a recent episode of G-ING. And when we say everything, we mean everything.

After SinB introduced the video and briefly explained she’d be showing Buddy what she keeps in her bag, she dove right in and uncovered the first item — her perfume! The special perfume, however, remained nameless as SinB hilariously refused to name it!

First of all, there’s a bottle of perfume. I can’t tell you the name. Do you know why? It’s because it’s mine. Don’t get it just because I bought it. SinB’s perfume.

— SinB

Next item in SinB’s bag? Contact lenses. Lots and lots and lots of contacts!

One box of contacts, two boxes of contacts, three boxes of contacts, four contacts boxes, five contacts boxes… Six boxes of contact lenses! I carry six boxes of contact lenses!

— SinB

After showcasing all those boxes of lenses, SinB was down to the last few items in her purse; a pair of AirPods and her wallet. While those may have been the last few items, SinB wasn’t done yet. Turning to her wallet she began pulling out her New Year’s allowance…

What would there be in the wallet? New Year’s allowance! From grandma, mom, dad, and uncle.

— SinB

And shared every other item hidden in her wallet down to her coins and even a receipt from the pharmacy!

A receipt. Let’s see what I bought. It’s from a pharmacy. I think I bought some patches. Here. I also have an identification card to go into our accommodation and coins! The end~

— SinB

With SinB sharing everything from her six boxes of contact lenses to her receipts, Buddy can’t help but love SinB even more…

Although fans can’t help but wonder why she’s carrying so many contacts either!

Experience all the cuteness that is SinB pulling out absolutely everything in her bag for yourself below: