GFRIEND’s SinB And Yerin Playing With A Parrot Is The Wholesome Content You Need In Your Life

It’s guaranteed to make your day 200% better:

Idols playing with puppies or kittens is, of course, pure wholesome content we all deserve but idols with feathered friends can bring on some serious uwu too especially if GFRIEND‘s SinB and Yerin are involved!

SinB and Yerin recently blessed us all with some seriously cute and wholesome content in a recent episode of G-ING. As they begin talking to the parrot, Yerin tries a little “bird speak” and much to her and SinB’s amazement, the parrot answers her right back!

From there, the cute levels just keep going up as SinB tries her hand at communicating with their new friend and receives a reply too!

As they continue having fun, Yerin tries out a few more bird calls to see how their feathered friend will respond…

Only to have SinB respond instead!

With so much cuteness going on, your day is about to get 200% brighter so make sure you watch all the pure wholesome goodness for yourself below!