GFRIEND’s Umji Made a Hilarious Plea to Fans When Her Eyeshadow Got Stuck in Her Drawer

Umji begged for help, and her fans came to the rescue.

GFRIEND‘s Umji recently got herself in a bit of a pickle, but thanks to her loyal fans, she was able to salvage her beloved makeup product from the doom of her narrow drawer.

In a fan chatroom, Umji recently shared a post pleading for fans’ help.

This is eyeshadow (makeup).

It surprisingly fit in the little drawer compartment so perfectly that I haven’t been able to take it out in two months. Does anybody know how to get it out? I’ll give you the honorable buddy award, hahahaha.

My fingers won’t work, and I tried using my vacuum cleaner, but that won’t suck it up either, and not even double-sided tape works. I tried everything!

I’m wondering if I have to resort to my worst-case scenario and go to the fish market to borrow an octopus.

– Umji

And one of her fans delivered.

Try putting a fork in the crevice and take it out that way!

– Fan

Umji said she would try it out, and lo and behold?

She saved her long-lost eyeshadow palette!

Oh my goodness… Success!



– Umji

And she didn’t forget to thank the fan either.

Thank you so much… I feel like I gained a new makeup product thanks to you.

– Umji

Sounds like Umji’s got some clever and helpful fans out there.

Way to go, Umji’s fan!

Source: Dispatch