GFRIEND Umji shocks everyone with her recent stunning visuals (10 Photos)

Her bright smile really says it all.

GFRIEND‘s Umji has recently been posting a lot of pictures of herself on the group’s Instagram…


… and she has been shocking fans with her stunning visuals.


Umji was adorable before…


But she’s now given up her cute image in favor of a more svelte and conventional beauty.


Her hair used to be brown and wavy adding to her cute factor.


But now her super sleek, dark hair adds to her new look.


She’s posted many pictures featuring her beauty.


… and has also taken to uploading pictures featuring her sporty side.


Her stunning visuals even shine on the slopes!


Her bright smile and the look in her eyes shows that Umji has absolute confidence in herself adding a certain something to her pictures. It’s easy to see why everyone is loving her new visuals.

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